Who we are?

We’re creating a lovely online ERP system.

CO3 offers a comprehensive suite of automatic applications that support online teamwork and optimize workflows. Our customers use CO3 for their day-to-day work to be even more efficient, either in the office or away from it, while not having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware and software.

CO3 has eight main functions – CRM, Invoicing, Project Management, Warehouse, Document Management, To Do Lists, Group Calendar and Email Management. These can be expanded with additional extras, such as current account management, webshop or courier service integrations or just managing the petty cash. With our own APIs, the system can be integrated into anything, even as a front-end.

During the development, CO3 has now become a framework that can be adopted as a “white-label” product. Based on CO3, a number of other services have already been created under our own brand names: Eventrix for event organizers, Házbank.hu for real estate agents, and e-Menedzser.com, for Sberbank account management packages.

Our history


The history of CO3 dates back to 2008, when the founder’s previous consulting firm had accumulated so the many tasks meant email piles for the colleagues. Then the goal was to create a customer record system that could track who talked to each partner, when, and what about. This was complemented by a project management system. When designing the project management part, the point was to leave the frills and focus only on the essential work.

Later – and still today – this philosophy characterizes CO3: the system should only have the most important functions that are necessary to perform the given tasks, and display them very simply. Although this application is a work tool, but we make sure is lovable.

This is how our story called the NYARNA Office Suite started.


Due to the effects of the economic crisis, the consulting firm had to be closed in 2009. But at the same time, the system lived on and evolved. It was further developed under the guidance of an old friend, specifically to support the work of professional event organizers. At that time, we left the old name of the system and introduced it as a revamped, cloud-based system, not only for internal use. The new name was Eventrix.


In 2010, Eventrix made its debut at EventExpo in Hungary, but apart from the initial interest, the breakthrough was not successful. At that time, the market for cloud-based services was not yet ready. Distrust of web applications was felt. We offered the basic modules of the system accessible from the cloud: Calendar, CRM, Customers, Projects, Users & Settings and Invoicing.


We developed a new strategy, for which we created a new, short and simple name: CO3 (Collaborate-Corporate-Control). All existing modules had been enriched with additional features and new modules had been developed. The Finance module has also become capable of issuing invoices, and we have created a To-Dos module, which approaches daily tasks in a simpler way.

2012 – 2013

We have increased the number of our customers and clarified our market segment.
The Warehouse module was born and CO3 has become a complete, cloud-based, online Enterprise Resource Planning system with integrated CRM functionality.


The year 2014 brought important changes as we found our target group who love to use CO3 and enjoy all its benefits.

Meanwhile, the use of cloud technologies has become completely commonplace – in fact, companies themselves are now looking for this use as they understand its benefits.

CO3 has been opened up to the outside world and it is now optimized for mobile use. With the help of CO3’s own APIs, any external system can now be integrated with CO3, or CO3 can be integrated with other systems even as a convenient front-end interface.

Our team is constantly working to make the basic functions of the system work as perfectly as possible and to make them as comfortable as possible.

Today, in addition to our classic cloud service, the so-called „Private cloud” service is also available for the the company is requested.



Radio interview



  • 2010. October 20-21., EventExpo (Hungary, Budapest)
  • 2012. Április 26-27., The Next Web Conference (Netherland, Amsterdam)
  • 2013. Március 5-9., CeBIT (Germany, Hannover)