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Pro Plus
Custom price
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Corporate (Special)
Custom price
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Unlimited users
Projects1.299 activecustom limit
CRM12.999 contactscustom limit
Storage8 GBcustom limit
Group calendar
Document management
To-do lists
Timestampcustom pricecustom price
Products and stock
Timesheets (2 employees)custom limit
API access
Company group management
Phone support
Private cloud
Customization, custom developments
Introduction support
Only available in the indicated package, on individual request and by agreement

One minute and it’s ready to use.

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Pro PlusCorporate (Special)
Storage +500 MB
Partners +500 pcs
Projects +100 pcs
Timesheets +5 employees
Email module
Retail addon
Callcenter – only Email contact in lack of
Online education
Petty cash addon
Current account addon
Payment history addon
Eventlog addon
Banking contact
Retention handling and expense workflow
Purchase orders

The prices shown on the page are net prices without VAT.
We calculate the duration of our subscription fees on a 30-day average.

Frequently asked questions

How does the 14-day free trial work?
If you do not pay your chosen tariff plan 14 days after registration, your registration will be automatically deleted. If you decide to cancel your account later, we will not charge you a fee during the month of termination, but in the meantime you are responsible for paying your fee package on a monthly basis.
Can I change my plan at any time?
Yes. Simply click on the “Users & Settings” tab. You can find the options for changing the package under the heading “Plan management”.
Do I need to sign any declaration of allegiance?
No. There is no multi-year contract and no declaration of allegiance. At the end of the fee package (usually monthly), you can simply top up your balance if you need our service. If you cancel the service, your registration with all your details will be automatically deleted from the system, and you will no longer have to pay.
Is there an additional charge for multiple users?
No. The prices shown above include everything. Each CO3 subscription allows you to add an unlimited number of users. Thus, if your company grows, the price of CO3 will remain unchanged, predictable and affordable.
What web browsers does CO3 work with?
We recommend the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Is there a Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the service?
Here you can find our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

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