people using laptop

Dynamic project management

Time? Resources? Scope? We help you manage these. Simple, easy-to-see project views, lovable interfaces, report retrieval options.

Profi projektmenedzsment eszköz

Choose a professional collaboration tool!

Flexible individual or group work option. Efficient, organized workflows. Easy to start, hard to stop.

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Projekt whiteboard

Projects – without borders

Project management without limits in time and space. Entries, comments, tasks, offers, documents, financial data are available anywhere, anytime, from anywhere.

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Mobile friendly

Effective collaboration in a mobile-friendly way too

Productive consultation during project planning, bidding and implementation. Task scheduling, work assignment, control, distance brainstorming, status meeting organization – even on the go. Don’t miss anything even when you’re away!

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Csak csevegne

Use the power of visual information!

Request statements, riports or upload images for workflow simplification, transparency and control.

Do you have a unique visual design? Would you customize your project? Or you would just chat? You can do it all here.

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One system to rule them all

Amazing employees deserve amazing software.
And because they get a lovable tool for telecommuting.