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The basic condition for successful operation and growth is a flexible, and well tested corporate management system. If your company’s system, which has been used for years, does not meet the requirements of changing needs, it can significantly reduce operational efficiency.

The cooperation between CO3 and Deloitte ensures that the latest international and domestic solutions inspire the system to be developed and the work processes operating in it.

custom design

Fine-tuned frontend

CO3 provides a perfect solution for large companies. If your specific needs arise, we customize CO3 with completely unique developments and additions. The peculiarity of the system is that it can be easily adapted to different industries and can be fully customized for an enterprise (or a person of course).

With its use, many other systems can be replaced, as a „one-window” front-end interface, users can start processing workflows in the direction of background systems – while, of course, they can also make maximum use of the business functions provided by CO3.

Jól illeszthető

Adaptable to enterprise architecture

We are aware that large companies work with many IT systems, so adaptability and integrability are extremely important issues. In addition to the high reliability of CO3, it can be perfectly integrated into the IT ecosystem.

  • Private Cloud or On-premise solution option
  • REST API integration layer
  • LDAP integration
  • Logs that can be channeled into a central log manager in Ext Log format (e.g. using SCB)
  • Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator
  • Built-in IP address restriction option
  • Parameterizable approval workflow for costs and purchases
  • Parameterizable individual fields for most forms (CRM data sheet, Invoice, Delivery note, etc.)
  • It is functional from a browser installed according to corporate rules – no software installation on client machines
  • Plugin architecture into which new business modules can be easily developed

Megoldás vázolása

„Out-of-the-box” solutions immediately

Within the system, it is possible to manage company groups, whether they are companies within the country or across borders. With the help of the Finance and Warehouse modules, you can monitor the company’s financial position, inventory and current work processes in real time. The CRM module, like many other modules, can be easily customized with individual fields. The project module, a tool for large company teamwork, implements a multi-project management system with the possibility of creating cost plans. With the help of CO3, the home office or remote work is maximally supported, it can be easily solved and controlled, without any special investment.

In general, it is not typical for large company solutions that they can be implemented easily and quickly. In the case of CO3, this period can be significantly shortened with the help of our 7-step introduction methodology. Our trained colleagues support the introduction with high-level professional advice.

Deloitte + CO3

CO3 + Deloitte

With decades of international experience, Deloitte’s highly skilled team can help companies in the introduction of the most modern corporate management systems, such as CO3, as well as in the development of an ERP strategy.

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