Gyors és pontos készletnyilvántartás

Pleasure to work in the warehouse with us

Professional, modern, cloud-based warehouse management. Fast and accurate inventory management. Complete product and warehouse management using the FiFo method, supporting with the in-store sales also.

Raktározás egyszerűen

Simple but great

Solutions that can be understood and mastered by anyone. Real-time- and product inventories that also supports barcode scanners. We also support well-organized warehouse work as well, as production and disassembly processes.

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Raktári bizonylatok

Proven warehouse processes – you only need to use them

Whether it’s recording, dividing or merging sales orders, or printing a pick list, you can find it in CO3. Create a delivery note invoice with one click or review your receipts in no time. With us, warehouse work is a real pleasure.

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Webshop integrációk

Integrate! Create documents and issue invoices! Make reports!

You can quickly integrate with us. Even it is a unique or an online stores on the market. With just a few clicks, the contents of each cart will appear in CO3 and the inventory information will be synced automatically.

You can easily and quickly issue, record, and retrieve your receipts. You can create individual reports in a matter of seconds. Feel free to use product turnover rate, daily or monthly sales reports to maximize your sales.

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Leltározás egyszerűen

Stress-free inventory in everyday life

Inventory without headaches, with professional help – even weekly, for accurate inventory records.

During the inventory process, we provide automatic support, whether it is based on the entire inventory, manufacturer-public or product group. Close your inventory process with quick and safe steps.

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One system to rule them all

Amazing employees deserve amazing software.
And because they get a lovable tool for telecommuting.