Document management

Documents and files

Save the rainforests together!

Become a paperless business! Share, file, categorize, send or archive scanned documents.

Dokumentumok egy helyen

Save your time and money

Every document, whether it is an invoice, a contract, a worksheet, a quote, a photo, or anything else, is always with you and it is immediately available. You will find your document both at the central register, and also where it is directly linked to. For example, in a CRM datasheet or in a project conversation, so you don’t need to search for it.

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Dokumentum iktatása a CO3 rendszerében

Electronic registration – professional register

With our professional electronic registry with automatic serial numbering, you can easily register and store your documents. You can add newer and newer versions to the original file at any time by tracking the life of the documents.

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Dokumentum jogosultságok beállítása a CO3 rendszerében

Everyone sees only what they are entitled to

Would you like to store sensitive documents in your account also? You can do it without further ado. With our sophisticated rights management it is easy to ensure that everyone can access to the stored documents what he is entitled to. Feel free to upload anything, control your visibility, and easily retrieve any document when you need it.

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dokumentumok lista nézetben

Related, filterable documents in one place

You can organize your most important documents into folders, link them to financial transactions, projects or partners. You can easily access uploaded documents from the central document library, but also separately from the modules attached to them. We provide back and forth interoperability for your convenience. If you don’t like the list view, you can simply switch to tile view.

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