A CO3 moduljai, mint LEGO kockák épülnek vállalkozása igényei szerint


CO3 is used in different ways in different industries. We match the needs of bussinesses to our modules, like LEGO bricks. Here you find our most typical areas of use. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us.

A CO3 támogatja a bolti és webes értékesítést is

For traders

Our cloud-based corporate governance system also provides a complete solution for companies dealing with traditional in-store sales and web commerce. In-store or in-person sales are supported by our Retail add-on, while online retailers are offered an administrative background that can be integrated with an online store to ensure speed and efficient customer service. With the help of our integrated modules, the complete sales process and activity of the company can be managed.

CO3 provides efficient, real-time inventory management for both web store and in-store sales. It supports web store integration in several ways: with automatic inventory synchronization, custom web store integration, ShopRenter, and with other „boxed” web store software available on the market. During the integration, we treat the contents of the basket as sales orders, which can also be divided or merged. We also provide warehouse workers the opportunity to print and query pick lists. In our FiFo method based Warehouse module, we provide all the functions related to inventory management: delivery notes, take in, take back, movement, waste, carrier, etc. It is also possible to manage any number of warehouses, so in-store, web store and commission sales can be separated even at the stock level. All operations related to product management are supported with a barcode scanner. A new invoice can be created from delivery notes with only one click. Our Petty cash add-on also supports the process, and we have integrationsd with several courier companies also. The trading process is currently supported by 9 different, highly customizable, reliable reports.

You can implement a professional customer register in our CRM module. On the customer data sheet, you can record a number of financial settings for specific customers and, in addition, customize customer-specific information with custom fields.

Gyártás és szétszerelés támogatása

For manufacturers

We help manufacturing companies with managing multiple warehouses at the same time, as well as managing component products. Raw material, parts and finished product warehouses can be created. In the created warehouses, the production / disassembly processes can be easily and precisely managed, and the stock quantities can be recorded. With the help of production/disassemly support CO3 automatically maintains stocks of parts, finished products and also automatically generates the relevant documents.
The Warehouse module in the CO3 as the system itself, provide complete background support for businesses, as we mentioned above in the „For traders” section.

Project-based companies get ffective assistance from our Project module. We also support commercial processes as an agile project management tool – you can even handle larger orders on a project basis, at the end of which the invoicing process is here as well. Within the project, it is even possible to make a financial plan from which the profitability of the order can be calculated in advance.

You can implement a professional customer and supplier register in our CRM. On the customer data sheet, you can record a number of financial settings for your customers or suppliers. In addition you can also customize the information related to customers and suppliers with custom fields.

A CO3 a szolgáltató vállalatoknak is segítséget nyújt

For service providers

Our customers in the service sector can be sure that CO3 supports their daily business with CRM module that provides rock-solid partner management for their tasks. Partner management can be completely tailored to the needs of your company. The custom fields that can be added to the module is only limited by the user’s imagination. You can organize anything you want to keep track of into custom fields so that you can search and filter later. You can save the results of searches and filtrations as customer segment trainings for reuse.

You can record exactly who-when-with whom and what they talked about using Contact history. You can upload documents such as contracts, data sheets, certificates of performance or even worksheets, which you can retrieve later. You can record information that is essential for communication with background information. With fixed or monthly fee services, you can track the invoices issued to the partner and their payment status directly on the partner’s data sheet with the help of our Current Account add-on.
You can also monitor your receivables with our Finance module. We keep track of your unpaid bills and, if you wish, we will automatically generate payment requests for your debts.

If you organize your company’s activities into projects, the CO3 Project module will help managing them. If you manage simpler tasks that can be done within a few days, these are supported by the To-do module.

Our Calendar module also has a group calendar and a booking calendar function. If you want to keep track of exactly which colleague is doing what, our Calendar module will provide maximum help in keeping track of it. You can query an entire agenda divided down by a person, but you can also take advantage of the group calendar. Make a note of your short, long, or full day activities in your calendar, and add invitees if needed. You can automatically send a standard, iCal format email invitation to your partners, clients and colleagues, and you can easily organize your meetings. You can also solve the company’s paid leave and substitutions with approval in this module.

Excel helyett normális rendszer rendezvényszervezőknek is

For event organizers

CO3 provides daily assistance to about 60% of the domestic event management market. Several functions of the Project module in the system have been created by focusing on the needs of event organizers. In fact, it can be stated that the module of the CO3 Project was tailored to event organizing companies, which was supplemented with important functions for companies operating in other fields. Our Project module functions as a time and space independent collaboration tool for company representations in different countries. It helps improving communication. The whiteboard interface of the projects allows a cross-border brainstorming. The documents that can be linked to the projects not only enable quick retrieval, but also the different ideas and visual designs, videos can be easily shared by the participants in the project via the whiteboard.

A special financial sheet is available for projects. On this sheet costs and revenues of the event can be planned, and then a quotation can be made from these with one click. Released quotations get automatical version numbers, so the previous ones can be retrieved quickly. If a worksheet is required for the construction work, this is not an obstacle either, as we also provide the possibility to create a worksheets. This makes it easy to check on colleagues working at the event venue. The financial data sheet of the project is linked to our Finance module. Planned expenditures and revenues are also automatically included in the Finance module, which shortens subsequent workflows related to accounting.

Work and financial processes become smoother, as partners, suppliers and customers do not have to be managed in an opaque excel spreadsheet. With the help of CO3 CRM module, you are provided help in keeping track of sites, subcontractors and customers. It becomes immediately possible to find out, for example, who else can be involved in the implementation of the given event.

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