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Overcome your to-dos

Papers, post-its, pieces of papers and the forgotten things written on them should be a thing of the past. Tasks that can be organized into lists, and immediately be delegated help in everyday life.

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To-dos and calendar

You can also set a deadline for your to-do. If you assign a deadline to a to-do, it is automatically recorded in the calendar module under the name of the responsible colleague. Moreover, your colleague will be automatically notified by email about the new to-do. Distributing daily tasks have never been so easy.

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Forget? Never! We will send a notification

You get a notification about expiring to-dos. CO3 sends you an automatic email alert of daily, due tasks every morning at 7:30. Expired to-dos and other entries draw the user’s attention to the delay in red colour. And when you’re done, you just simply tick it.

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One system to rule them all

Amazing employees deserve amazing software.
And because they get a lovable tool for telecommuting.