The CO3 history dates back to 2008 when at the founder’s previous consulting firm so many tasks were accumulated.These caused him and his colleagues a lot of extra todos and e-mails in a daily work. Their aim was to create a simple customer registration application in which everything could be recorded such as who, what and when was talking to a customer. This newely created system was complemented with a project management system. During the development of the project management the main thing was to leave all of fripperies and just have to concentrate on the essential work.

Later as today the philosophy is characterized by a whole CO3, namely the system has only the most important functions needed to perform a given task and even display them very clearly and simply. Although the CO3 is only a working tool but in any case be loveable.

Thus began our story under name of NYARNA Office Suite.


At the end of 2009 the mentioned consulting firm had to be closed down due to the global economic crisis. But the software is maintained and continued to live. Moreover it was further developed on the basis of an old friend’s guidelines specifically to support the work of special event organizers. Then we left the old name of the system and introduced it as a renewed, cloud-based, not only for internal use recommended system called further as Eventrix.


In 2010 the Eventrix debuted at the Event Expo Hungary but apart from the initial interest the resounding success loss. At that time the market was completely immature for cloud-based services. The distrust was perceptible for web applications. At that time only the basic moduls of the system were available from the cloud: Calendar, CRM, Projects, Users & Settings and Finances.


We developed our new strategy and gave a new brand name, CO3. Each module of the system is enriched with additional features and new modules were developed. Finances modul became as a full featured online billing system, a Todos modul was created in the meantime which is an easier approach to the daily task like it is in the Project modul.

2012 – 2013

The number of our customers were increased and we were narrowing our target market segments. Of course we continually polished the skills of the system’s modules – mostly on the base of customers feedback – but all the time we kept in mind our basic philisophy defined at the outset: simplicity, transparency, and clarity.
The Inventory modul was borned and with this last module the CO3 became a complete, special, cloud-based, online ERP system with an integrated CRM.


The year of 2014 brought important changes in the life of the company because we found our target group who want to use CO3 and enjoy all its benefits.

Meanwhile the use of cloud-technologies has become absolutely commonplace – and even the companies themselves are now looking for this opportunity to use it, since they understood the benefits of it.

Now the CO3 is opened to the outside world and optimized for mobile usage also. With help of CO3 APIs any external system can be integrated to the CO3 easily or the CO3 itself can be integrated to other systems like as a front-end interface.

Our team is working to improve the system’s standard features to be more and more user-friendly and be more convenient to use.

Nowadays the CO3 is not only in the cloud but our new service so called CO3 Box is still available meaning the creation of a private cloud. In such cases the CO3 will be installed in the customer’s own network.

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