Complete control of your warehouses. Easy webshop integration.

Managing your stock with CO3 is easy as pie. You can add goods, define warehouses with just a few click. Making intake or delivery notes is simplier than you imagine. You can keep your eyes on stock while you are on the road or anywhere else. CO3 keeps track on your stock and notes, you will never forget to order items run out or issue invoices of shipped goods.

Key features

  • Complete goods management
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Stock documents handling
  • Warning of low stock status
  • Storekeepers user role with specific access
  • Storekeeper user access restriction possibilities. Set it which warehouse can be managed by whom.
  • Barcode reader support
  • Barcode printing
  • Bulk product import from XLS
  • Export to XLS
  • Searching and filtering products
  • Various price handling
  • Discount categories handling

Complete stock handling processes

  • Take in
  • Take back
  • Move between warehouses
  • Wasteing
  • Delivery notes
  • Inventory
  • Integrated with CO3 online billing
  • Webshop integration

Reporting features

  • Stock value
  • Average product price
  • Product history
  • Customer history
  • Daily sales
  • Monthly sales

Integration with other CO3 plugins

  • CRM plugin integration
  • Finances plugin

Integration with other systems

  • You can integrate CO3 Products & stocks plugin with any other system with the help of the CO3 API
  • Ready made Prestashop integration
  • Ready made Amazon Marketplace integration

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