Store every conversation, email, call, meeting and deal you’ve ever had with a contact.

Store every conversation, email, call, meeting and deal you’ve ever had with a contact. With CO3 online CRM you’ll always know who you talked to, what was said, and when to follow-up next.

Customer Relationship Management

  • company view: let’s see all of your contacts from a company. See all of the conversations.
  • customer view: drill down for a specific customer and see what happened with him.
  • bulk upload contacts from XLS
  • synchronize contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn or from your Google Contacts
  • Google Maps integration – plan your trip to your customer easily
  • search engine with filters to easily look up customers or segments
  • search engine settings can be saved for later usage
  • bulk emails sending with template system
  • XLS export of customer data
  • create as many custom fields as you like for customers
  • sales-funnel handling and visualization
  • customize printing of customer pages – for example you can create one page contracts
  • access management
  • reminders about dates and deadlines on screen or in email
  • specific reports about the activities

Customer handling

  • 360-degree view of you customers
  • add customers to companies
  • set access privilegs for each customers individually or in group
  • store of all conversations, notes, meetings, phone calls and email
  • add related to-dos to customers
  • delegate customer if his contact manager was changed
  • plan your future activity with the customer creating to-dos
  • attach documents to each customers
  • upload your customer photo from your PC or from Facebook
  • look through your past entries in connection with a customer
  • create invoice easily to your customer with CO3 online billing plugin
  • set automatically recurring invoices

Integration with other CO3 plugins

  • Stock & inventory integration
  • Online billing (invoicing) integration
  • To-dos plugin integration
  • Project management integration
  • Calendar plugin integration

Integration with other systems

  • You can integrate CO3 CRM plugin with any other system with the help of the CO3 API

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