CO3 lets you issue invoices from anywhere in the world.

You can keep your business going on while you are not sitting in your office. Cloud invoicing makes you forget the fear of PC crash or other cause of lost invoices. Invoicing module is in tight connection with Projects and Stock management. Just a few click and you write an invoice for a specified project or shipment.

With the help of the finance module you can easily register your incoming invoices. You can export your contractors’ invoices from a project into the finance module where following the project managers’ fine tuning the finance department can trace all relevant items.

Key features of online billing

  • Create outgoing invoices
  • Save incoming invoices
  • Attach scanned images or documents to incoming invoices
  • Search and filter invoices
  • Create financial reports
  • Create invoices automatically. Helps you creating recurring invoices in a simple way.
  • Link incoming invoices to projects, clients or contractors
  • Keep track of payment deadlines
  • Create balance notification letter for your customers
  • Automatic commission calculation
  • Solid Stock & inventory integration – sell directly from the stock
  • Barcode reader support
  • Access rights management
  • Electronic invoice sending via email
  • Invoices can be printed out or saved as PDF and reuse them
  • Various printing options
  • Invoice can be customizable with a so called footer banner
  • Automatic calculation of change
  • Balance control of invoices
  • Pro forma invoice
  • Cost center support
  • Different currency support

Integration with other CO3 plugins

  • Stock & inventory integration
  • Project management integration
  • CRM plugin integration

Integration with other systems

  • You can integrate CO3 online billing plugin with any other system with the help of the CO3 API

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